You want to get somewhere or achieve something, maybe you should do a little.

You want to get somewhere or achieve something, maybe you should do a little.

Number 1:  Too much of anything is not good. Too much beer, too much fun, too much… well you get it.

Can you ever have enough of what you want? I rarely meet people who feel they have enough of what they love: more money, more power, more choices. This makes sense. If you want it, you can’t have enough.

Having one overwhelming, driving force for something may give you focus, but it is actually a problem.

If you’re driving force is 1 dimensional, such as more money, you will find that happiness may elude you.

When you hit that financial target, you realize it’s not enough.


Secondly, in the overwhelming pursuit of it, you may ignore the other things that are important.

In my experience of coaching thousands of successful executives, it’s amazing how many are miserable. Miserable for they are missing some very important things in their lives: health, loving family, etc.

Number 2: Sometimes a little is the better approach. you just need to let go.

Back in the 70 & 80’s movie theatres kept expanding their selections of different candy and snacks, thinking it would drive profit. But they soon found out that it was slowing down people’s decisions creating a longer que. Thus resulting in less money collected before the movie. Same is true with fast food.

One of Farnoosh Torabi’s So Money podcasts featured Morgan Housel. He says “The investors that do the best are the ones who make the fewest decisions and have the least amount of activities in their portfolios.” 

He goes on to say that Not all success is due to hard work and not all failure is due to laziness.


Number 3: I’m a doer. I don’t let things slide. I need to check off things on my to do list. This however can drive other people crazy. Just ask anyone that work for and/or with me. All though I get a lot of things accomplished, it can get me into trouble. I need to let go and not do so much.

Now I’m not saying don’t work hard. But sometimes pushing too hard and working too hard or trying to do too much can lead other issues.

I am saying sometimes you need to slow down a bit. Do a little.


Take action, make a difference.