When Looking for a Dream Career, Why Are You Looking for True North (Part 1)

When it comes to identifying our dream job, dream career or dream partner in life, why are we always looking for true north? True north is an exact direction pointing to Santa’s house in the northpole. 1° west or 3° east is no longer true north. I suspect, we’re looking for the perfect something. However, in order to start identifying our path and moving down that path, we should reconsider this objective.

What happens if you don’t achieve it? Now, you feel like a failure!

1.) It’s quite difficult to know exactly what or who we want. Because we’re waiting for this epiphany before we take any action, we end up doing nothing. I don’t know about you, but that lightning bolt of a revelation coming down out of the heavens hasn’t happened to me. I’m doubting it ever will. So instead we wait, wait and wait, lamenting about our lack of progress towards fulfillment. 2.) True north is limited. There is only one option, leaving us little room for variety. Identifying you want to be the CEO of Alibaba is great. However, it’s a low probability that Jack Ma will call you up to take over his job. Where does that leave you – no other options. And I’m sure you would like to have a variety of options. 3.) What happens if you work long and hard to get to true north, sacrificing things and people who are precious to you and find out it’s not what you thought it would be? That’s a depressing thought. 4.) What happens if you don’t achieve it? Now, you feel like a failure!

Stop looking for something you may never identify or achieve. It’s critical for you o move forward, to take action towards your dream.