You want to eat less, don't rely on willpower

You want to eat less, don’t rely on willpower alone. Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think says all you need to do is change your environment.

· Having a fruit bowl sitting out on your kitchen counter will increase your fruit consumption about 70%.

Placing it next to the cash register causes 104% more fruit to be taken.

· A messy kitchen can lead to people eating about 40% more snack food than when they're in a clean kitchen.

· Simply using a smaller plate could cut down on food served by 22%.

Another simple way to change your environment is stop eating in front of the television. According to Dr Susan Albers, research shows that eating in front of the TV increases food intake by 14%.

Change is difficult. You need to use all the resources (tricks) available to you. Simple things such as changing your environment, using MBTA techniques (check out at, accessing knowledge and leveraging your motivations can help you to achieve real, lasting change.