Executive Team Coaching

We’ve helped over 100 leadership teams to work more effectively together by facilitating team workshops throughout Asia and the US to assist the organization to bring about a desired cultural change.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are successful executives from major multinational companies who understand the complexity of operating with different cultures in different countries. They've held senior positions in Fortune 500 companies, have experienced a variety of business operations and are fluent in English and Mandarin.

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Our team executive coaching process is built upon tiered workshops, measurement systems, and integrated hiring.


Tiered Workshops

  • Meta-card system to surface underlying issues/concerns.
  • Clarify desired behaviors of new values/mindset change.
  • Achieve consensus commitments.
  • Establish accountable action plans.
  • Quarterly, 0.5-1.0 day workshops.
  • Impact 3 layers of management.
  • Phase 1: Executive Committee to establish the foundation.
  • Phase 2: Department Heads and their direct reports to rollout to line managers.