Power to the positive, right on

Power to those who move on down the line. Power to this who are making progress towards their dreams. Power to the positive, right on (showing my US 1960’s upbringing).

We all want to have a purpose driven life, but there are times when our negative side takes over. “My life is a mess and there’s little I can do to change it! Moving forward takes too much effort! I just don’t have the time to do the things I love! It’s so hard to change!” And so on…  This thinking activates the right prefrontal cortex of our brain, where we according to Daniel Goleman of The New Leaders, “are plunged into a pessimistic view that demotivates us and can hinder our success.” In other words, stops us from doing anything to moving forward.

Mr. Goleman goes on to say, “It’s the activation of the left prefrontal cortex that gives us a motivating hope, by letting us imagine how great we’ll feel the day we reach the goal of our ideal. That’s what spurs us on, despite obstacles.”

In order to train ourselves to activate the left prefrontal cortex to be more positive, The Happiness Advantage author Shawn Achor – Psychologist suggests the following:

·      Gratitude: Identify 3 new things to be grateful for

·      Journaling: 1 positive experience in the last 24 hours

·      Exercise

·      Meditation: Focus on the task at hand

·      Random acts of kindness: send 1 email praising or thanking someone

Try 1 or more of these strategies each day. Get yourself moving forward and experience the power of positive, right on!