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I created the Dream and Achieve® (DNA) process over 15 years ago to help leaders find purpose and happiness in their career/life. DNA utilizes 20 years of coaching over 800 executives from the top global organizations on finding their authenticity and purpose. 

What is different about DNA 90-day process vs. other discovery programs? In one word, impact!

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The question people most frequently ask me is; not about my experiences as an executive with Pepsico, nor the business challenges of Nike-Cole Haan, it’s, “How did I retire at 45?” Most people would love to retire early enough in life to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They would love to do the things they enjoy most and not have the pressure of doing things they don’t like and working for bosses they don’t respect. Most people are fascinated to know how I discovered my true passion and achieved my dream. I’ve lost count of how many times people have said that I should write a book about this and share it.

Dream & Achieve takes the experience and knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years of coaching executives and university students and puts it into a simple methodology of self-discovery. Chapter 1 explores the science behind why it’s critical to follow our strengths and passions and why we should identify who we are and why this is critical to achieving our dream. Chapter 2 will present an inexpensive and practical exercise to help the reader discover their strengths and passions. Chapter 3 will help them create the dream. Chapter 4 will help them develop a plan, a roadmap, to get there. Finally, Chapter 5 will show them how to take action now.

Dream & Achieve will share the real stories of various successful people in Asia in their struggles and successes on their journey to achieving their dream. Their backgrounds are as widely varied as the different points they are in their journey.