You can teach an old dog

You may have heard the old proverb (Divers Proverbs by Nathan Baily from 1721), “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” In other words, it’s challenging to teach a person something new especially if they’ve been doing the old thing for a long time.

Although it may be harder to learn something as an adult that may have been easier as a child, in my experience, anyone can learn anything at any time. It all comes down to one thing, are you motivated enough.

Motivation is the key to change. So if you want to create a new behavior, develop a new habit, or break a bad one, you need to tap into your core motivations. According to Schwartz and Loehr, there are 4 energies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Of the four, spiritual energy is the most powerful.

“The key muscle that fuels spiritual energy is character-the courage and conviction to live by our values, even when doing so requires personal sacrifice and hardship. Supportive spiritual muscles include passion, commitment, integrity and honesty.”

You want to live your dream, you need to discover your passions and leverage them into your life/career.

I’ve discovered an amazing tool to accurately identify your core motivations. It’s called SIMA. If interested check it out on under authentic leadership program.