Want to be distinctive? In the flow? Then 3ex.

Want to be distinctive? In the flow? Then 3 ex.


Number 1:  Experience

Think of all the experiences you’ve been blessed to, well experience. Not only the highs but also the lows. There’s a value to all of them.

Think about what you’ve learned as a result of all of them. You are a culmination of all your experiences.

Many people are afraid to make a course or career change, for they feel they have wasted the time spent in the previous career. It’s not a waste. The reason you can do what you will do next is a result of your past experiences

A key reason I can coach executives, is I was one for many years in 6 countries, 2 companies, 7 different roles.

Don’t be afraid of change. Your past is valuable, not a waste.


Number 2: Experiment to distinctiveness.

In my past podcast about the rule of 10,000, I described Ander Ericsson’s research paper “The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance”.  The key word there is “deliberate”.

Therefore, take your experiences and apply to different applications, sectors, teams. Experiment your way to Solve different problems, address various challenges. In this way you leverage your strengths, passions and experiences.


Number 3: Extend

Extend your net widely by expanding both your external and internal network. 

Establish a list of people you need to meet and develop win-win relationships.

Develop a discipline to continuously and consistently reach out to people.


So 3ex to distinctiveness

Experiences: Value and leverage them.

Experiment your way to solve different problems and address various challenges.

Extend your influence by expanding your network.

Take action, make a difference.