Trust me

Watching politics in Hong Kong and the US can make me laugh, but often times brings me to tears. The more I listen to these politicians the more I question their honesty, their integrity. Can I trust them? It’s clear the general population, their constituents do not.

Why is this so? What do they do that creates mistrust?

They don’t answer the question.

When the press asks them a tough question, they go on and on, skirting around the issue. Sometimes they pivot to a completely different point, never addressing the question. This breeds mistrust.

How do you think people look at you when you are pivoting or even stalling? It takes a little practice, but learn to “answer first”. Avoid the tendency to ease into an answer. Instead, answer the question first, then support it with your reasons.

Be confident and answer first.

They say one thing and then do another.

This certainly does not engender trust.

Do you trust your boss? Do you feel they are supporting you to senior management? Turning the tables, do your people trust you? Do they know that you are fighting for them behind closed doors? People need to know that what you say to them, you are also saying to senior management.

Be honest, build followership.

Their position on issues changes like the wind.

It’s not so clear what they stand for. They’re always looking at opinion polls or watching to see how people will react to determine the position they should take on an issue. This lacks authenticity.

Are you authentic? Do people know what you stand for? Do people believe you believe what you’re saying? Are you clear about and live out your core values? Do you leverage your strengths and passions to become more of who you already are?

Be authentic, build trust.