Life is tough and yet a blessing

Some days are a real challenge. Things just don’t seem to go right. Every day can be a challenge. Need to sell one more client, need to make another call, need to get to the next job level. Life is tough.

Columbia Professor Srikumar Rao found that people have a flawed plan for happiness. We base happiness on reaching a goal or getting something. It’s flawed because we will never have enough power, money, etc. Anything we can get, we can un-get (lose). What if we don’t achieve the next goal, then we feel like a failure. Therefore he goes onto say in order to be happy, one must not rely on achieving things to be happy, instead one must learn to enjoy the process of getting there. In other words, appreciate the process and learn to celebrate what you do have.

When I stop to think about my process, I realize how much I do have. A wonderful wife/partner of 33 years, 2 amazing boys who’ve grown up to be responsible men, a business that brings me purpose, and ever-lasting grace. My life today is a blessing. I must learn to enjoy it, appreciate it and not focus so much on the things that are not quite working out or on the things I don’t have.

How are you blessed?