Decisions are made by those who show up

“Decisions are made by those who show up,” said President Jeb Bartlett from the TV show The West Wing when he was speaking to a group of university students.

Many people would say, the world is a mess. It just may be so, but who will make a difference? Change usually starts with not a whole group of people, but with one. Could it be you? Could you be the one to show up and be the catalyst for change?

Many people would say that things are unfair. And they are probably right. The boss doesn’t like you, you were not born tall, people are prejudice, and so on… But if you sit and do nothing, you get nowhere. Reasoning (which sometimes is correct) without action is only complaining. Take action. Although it may be difficult, we need to show up for our own life, accept ownership of the situation and take the necessary 1st steps.

If you’re struggling in taking the first steps, check out my MBTA methodology to building the discipline needed.

Decisions are made by those who show up. So, be present and take control over your life.