'Big Mo'

My friends and I on the tennis team constantly joke (but also half seriously) about ‘Big Mo’ (momentum). Momentum is not only important in sports, it is also critical in life.

Do you feel stuck in your job/career/life? In his book Smartcuts Shane Snow writes about the power of the ‘Big Mo’ in getting out of that rut. “Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile has found that the answer is simply progress. A sense of forward motion. Regardless how small. Amabile found that minor victories at work were nearly as psychologically powerful as major breakthroughs. And momentum isn’t just a powerful ingredient of success. It’s also a powerful predictor of success.”

So how do you get into the ‘Big Mo’ flow? In tennis, focus on and win the next point, which can lead to a string of points and then the win. In life, it’s get off your seat and take small steps. When you take that next step, you feel accomplishment, getting closer to and learning more about your dream and gaining the Big Mo. Oh, what a feeling!

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