Aging gracefully, where is the line?

Where is the line? Highlighting your hair is a small, reasonable step. But wanting to look younger is a slippery slope. The next step could be a Botox injection, then a little cosmetic surgery, then another and another. They add up.

Where is the line? No one knows where it is and it’s different for each of us. For example my lovely (natural blonde) wife of 34 years highlights her hair but leaves some gray. Coloring her hair to become a pure blond again for someone in their 50’s doesn’t look quite right. Although we don’t know where the line is for each of us, it is so obvious when we’ve crossed over. Just look at images of celebrities like Burt Reynolds or Donatello Versace. Scary!

Where is the line? Wherever it is, I’m in no place to judge. There’s nothing wrong with coloring your hair or a Botox injection, but at some point one needs to realize it’s a losing battle. Maybe it means to accept the fact that we get wrinkles or that we lose our hair and be ok with it.

However, there are things we can do to slow down the aging process. Exercise, eat right, not over-eat, stopping smoking, getting enough sleep and more and more. In other words we actually have a lot of things in our control that slows down the process. And it’s natural.